Monday, 18 June 2007

The real "Oma und Opa Story"

Well I guess you all herd about Elijahs sad attempt to write about the visit we had from our grandparents, so I shall fill you in on what really happened.
They arrived on the 24th of April 2007 at ca. 15:00 hours and I was sick from school when they arrived and was trying to cope with the noise pollution from Ari and Bryna.
The next few days were quite ordanairy with me home sick, Bryna late for kindergarten and Mama and Granddad getting used to our house and repairing some stuff Dad had not got round to yet.This went on till Friday when I went to school and Bryna was early for kindergarten. Then one weekend dad decided to take them to Aachen and show them around. A few weeks later they went to Trier and looked at all that stuff there is to see you know the porta nigra and the baths and the amphitheater. a few weeks later they went to Paris with mum for three days and saw the Louvre, the Eiffel Tower and Notre Dame. In between seeing Europe and all that jazz they helped us in the garden and getting our garden "correct" as our landlady says.
I'm sorry that I can't give more information but i didn't really pay attention.

Joshua Glass

Monday, 11 June 2007

Bryna Recites 'Die Mausfamilie'

Bryna recently learnt a new poem at kindergarten about a mouse family. She even has some actions that go with it.

If your German (or at least your Bryna German) isn't up to scratch, the translation is roughly:

This is Sister Mouse
She has such big ears,
Such a big, pointy nose
And such a long tail

The verses repeat mentioning Brother, Father and Mother Mouse. The final verse, spoken in the tiny, soft voice is:

This is Baby Mouse
Has such little baby ears,
Has such a little pointy nose
And such a little tail
But then! *clapping* such a long tail!

Sunday, 3 June 2007

Oma und Opa

On the 24Th of April our grandparents arrived they were picked up at the Dusseldorf airport by Dad , Bryna and Ariana. By the time they got back Mum had afternoon tea finished. After we had finished all the cake we gave them a chance to have a sleep after their long trip over. But that's abit boring so lets have some action on Friday the 27Th I the Almighty Elijah broke my arm playing soccer at a friends. So off to the hospital OH and the doctor said no more monkeys jumping on the and that i had broken not just 1 bone but an amazing number of 2 bones. So i couldn't go to stake conference on Sunday because once I heard i had broken 2 bones it suddenly began to hurt. Well that doesn't have much to do with mama and grandad but I'm going to go on because it very interesting. So on Monday no school for me to much pain Tuesday pain easing off but no school it's a public holiday oho!!! Wednesday appointment at the hospital in Juelich they had no clue what they were doing so they sent me to the hospital in Eschweiler. They knew a bit more and said .... that ..... I ..... should ....... get operated tubule weed cricket cricket. So on Thursday I got operated but then the bad news came
I had to stay over night in the hospital :(. But as strange as it may sound it actually wasn't that bad. So on Friday I could go home we got home at about 1 pm. You might be wondering what they did when I got operated on well if you really want to know have fun finding out ............. OK I will tell you I got a pin right through my arm ow!!!!!!! :) So well to tell the truth I don't really know much about what my grandparents did so you will just have to wait till someone else writes a post about them. OK I can tell you one thing they worked a lot in the garden.:) But I think I will leave the topic at grandma and grandpa