Sunday, 24 January 2016

Travels and Farewells with the Children

Part of the deal of moving back to the US was that Gaynor -- who I had to do a lot of negotiating with -- would get to see her children at least once a year. For those that we brought with us, that was never going to be a problem. For those that had their own lives already running in Australia, it would be more of a challenge. Josh & Mara flew over to spend some time with us from Thanksgiving through to Gaynor's birthday in mid-January. It coincided with end-of-academic year and summer holidays for them, so it worked out well. Apart from the usual sparkling banter, we enjoyed Thanksgiving dinner with some family on the same continent ...
The also now traditional Thanksgiving Day Dinner. Glad to be had with family!

... played some cricket ...

We couldn't find a nearby cricket field and so a little used baseball diamond with 'natural' wickets was the order of the day.
Micah has a go while Ari is prepared in case he really connects with it. Josh tidies up behind the stumps.

... enjoyed a tour of the Anza-Borrego Desert with friends ...

We tried to stand there and enjoy the grandeur of nature but just couldn't stomach it for very long. We are shallow people.
Just like the Mormon Battalion may have tried, everyone has a go at getting out of the box canyon vertically.

... and spent time together at the beach.

Unfortunately, all good things must come to an end, even daylight. Gaynor's birthday wish was a bit of time together watching the sun set at the beach.