Wednesday, 30 November 2011

End of a Rented Era

Today marks the official end of our years spent renting houses to live in -- 10 places and just over 19 years in total. Settlement on the new place was completed late last week and today was the final inspection on the most recently rented property.

I'm also pleased that we've never lost a cent in bond/security deposit money. A few were close -- mostly due to the distance the landlord/lady/property manager was from Earth -- but the many hours spent scrubbing, cleaning and fixing someone else's house paid off. Of course, this wouldn't have been the case without our family and many good friends (in three countries) who helped us and were right there beside us scrubbing, cleaning and fixing. We are grateful.

So, now we've joined the Masses of the Mortgaged -- only 30 years to go baby!

Wednesday, 2 November 2011

3D Printing Ahead

Elijah has been enjoying CAD at school and now, thanks to Fenton's colleague, he has entered the world of 3D printing.