Monday, 12 May 2008

Week 19, 2008

Sorry, no catchy title for this post -- it is simply an update on recent goings on. Remember, you can always check out our published calendar of activities with the "comings and Goings" link on the left hand side of this (and every) page.

Firstly, Gaynor is hanging in there with the pregnancy. She has a little over two months to go and says that is tired and has had enough but the pregnancy is going well. No complications or health concerns and we sometimes wonder why we even bother with ante-natal care. (Yes we do know, so no need to email and remind us). He is kicking well -- vigourously and frequently -- and is already head down.

Mara was a a busy girl this week. She participated in two acts -- one a solo ballet dance and the other singing and dancing with two friends -- in her school talent show. She also spent last Saturday morning at the school district track meet where she ran in the 50 yard shuttle relay with her school placing second.

The boys have been busy preparing for a very large dance festival which will involve youth from the church from all over southern California. It's such a major event they only hold one every 20 years or so. More on that in July when it's finished.

Gaynor and the girls attended an open house at Mara and Ariana's school this past week. The girls were very proud to show off their neat work. Bryna was excited to visit the kindergarten classroom where she will be attending in the new school year, after the summer.

Finally, since Gaynor's interior design plans have outstripped our budget (actually they were never within) I have begun construction of a number of furniture pieces. First on the agenda is a pair of large bookcases -- our books are the last thing really waiting to be unpacked -- and a pair of low modular-type shelving. These will be followed, though the time frame isn't yet fixed, by bedside tables, another coffee table and bar stools. A work colleague with an extensive woodshop has kindly offered it and some advice for my use. So, more on them when I've got something to show.