Sunday, 5 August 2012

Micah Gets to Four

It's been a busy year for Micah, increasing in age by 33%. Keeping up with older siblings does have it's challenges and being a generally happy, energetic and caring boy he doesn't seem to mind his position in the food chain. I'm not saying what that position necessarily is, considering how many people he has around to play, wrestle, run, read and cuddle with. He didn't have a long wish list but he did have one. It included a Spiderman costume -- as seen below -- and some stuff for play-dough for presents and roast chicken, corn and pappadams for dinner.
Wearing his first present, Micah anticipates another.

Currently going through a fussy-ish phase in his diet, Gaynor was happy to indulge him in his gastronomic choice. We had some new friends around to help celebrate -- their two oldest and Micah get on like a house on fire (which they have not yet literally attempted).

The now traditional photo with the birthday cake -- note the '4' on the cake. We're not sure what Gaynor is pointing out but she is really trying to catch the eye of the photographer, again :)

A great time and we're now looking forward to another year of his lovely brand of living.