Monday, 10 September 2007

We have a car !!! <(-_-)>

We now have a car we bought it a couple of days ago it's not an American car no not even from Europe no it's from Japan we got a Honda. Yes you heard me right a honda. Why we didn't get a German car I don't know. I would have liked one. Well we got a Honda "Odisey" Well i think that's how you spell it. It was fairly well priced and it was big enough although it isn't that big but it will do!!! =) It's a nice car and in great condition. So the weather is great here. And there is a house in "Mission Viejo" that would suite us great. CYA
I'll write again soon at lest someone will

Wednesday, 5 September 2007

First Few Days in California

After all the preparations for the shift, matters have progressed relatively smoothly. Our visas came with plenty of time to spare, all our friends were as helpful as ever -- we spent some lovely times over the last few days with those whom we have grown close to -- and we even made the flight on time. The luggage allowance on flights to the US is very generous and we took full opportunity of it to bring our tent, blankets, sheets, extra clothing and a few special things we always inevitably forget to send with the shipped belongings. However unloading, carting all the luggage through the airports and reloading was a bit of a challenge.

The flight itself went quite well and my brother Donovan was there to meet us at the car rental agency. We had a whole airport-agency shuttle bus to ourselves due to the amount of luggage we were toting. Eventually we made it to the furnished apartment being provided by my company for a few weeks and clocked off for the (very long) day. Donovan was also great the next day, looking after the children, including a movie, while Gaynor and I did a bit of running around.

The next days included house hunting, a bit of shopping and some orientation. The weather has been wonderful and warm (actually, quite hot but still great!) and the apartment complex includes a pool. For the Labor Day holiday last Monday we enjoyed a few hours at the beach and playing in the sand and surf. The children are now coming to the end of their extended summer holidays and as soon as we can find a house we will enrol them in the relevant schools.

As for work, the new job is shaping to be very interesting and the company seems to be a great place to work. I'm looking forward to getting into it further.

So for now, we are looking hard for a house to rent and a car to buy. The rest will come in time. Many new things to learn and experiences to enjoy.