Monday, 15 September 2008

More on Micah

Micah is growing fast. In fact he is probably our largest baby at this stage. He's a good feeder, pretty decent sleep and is already wearing clothes for 3-6 month-olds at his 2 month mark. He's quite strong, doing a good job of supporting himself with his legs, and is also very smiley. He's been grinning back at faces (and sometimes miscellaneous objects) for about 3 weeks now. He's also responding to some kinds of tickling.

Friends and family gathered for Micah's naming and blessing.

Though nigh on 8 weeks old, Micah has already been smiling for a significant portion of his life, as captured in this photo by Ari.

Micah looks down on the lesser people.

Micah considers his future with this thoughtful pose.