Sunday, 27 January 2008


It's me again, Joshua. Now I'm here to tell you about a piece of plastic that will give us annual entry to one of California's most famous landmarks and theme parks Disneyland and Disney's California Adventure. We were always hoping that Dad actually meant it when he said "We will probably get Disneyland passes because we will be moving right near it." After we got here Dad started to look into prices for annual passes. We forgot about it for a while until school holidays came around and dad started looking at buying some. But in the first week of the holidays Mara went to Knotts Berry Farm.Which as you can see is a very cool theme park with very intense rides. Mara thought that Disneyland was for little kids and would not have any cool rides. Dad then showed her the Disneyland website, Mara thought that it would still be boring. She then went about convincing mum and dad that we would find Knott's Berry Farm a lot more fun. Eventually Dad gets the e-tickets printed and we organize to go to Disneyland on the 8th of November after a 40 minute car ride we get to Disneyland we pay for parking and catch the tram to the front entrance we show the entrance clerk our e-tickets and to the bank of Disneyland to get our annual passes. We then found a Disneyland replica of a very old car that would take us up to the princess castle. Bryna who had just got her head cut open was breathless she was just pointing at the castle and saying "there lives Cindergrilla". WE walked through the castle and went on the merry-go-round (which Bryna thoroughly enjoyed) We then went to the all famous teacup ride yay w00t!! (it's over rated). We walked around for a while until we found a ride where there wasn't much of a cue. We decided on MATAHORN MOUNTAIN dadadada. which is very fun but you get of with a rather sore bottom and after the second time with a verry rather sore bottom. Mum decided to take us on the Disneyland Railroad so we could see the rest of Disneyland the railroad was pretty cool we went through Splash Mountain and the Grand Canyon. When we arrived back at the station it was time for Princess Story Reading which Bryna loved and listened to every word that Sleeping Beauty said. Ten it was time for lunch, so we went down to Toon Town to eat a bagels. They had cheese on them they were a bit tough, but we managed them. We next went on the Toon Town Roller Coaster, the GO COASTER, it went round and round. We went on several other rides in Toon Town. After some fun in Toon Town we went to California adventure park, Where we first went on the G.R.R. (Grizzly Rapid Run). Luckily we didn't get too wet, but we had some fun laughing at other who did. Next it was nime for the "BIG BOY RIDES". The first of the "BIG BOY RIDES" was the Golden Zeffer, a bunch of space ships flying in a circle (they were not really flying they were on poles). Then we had fun, I mean "FUN" on the Malholland Madness ( or what ever it is called). Sun wheel was kinda hot ..... bum bum bum. (if you know what I mean, there were two different gondolas, swinging or not swinging, Ari being Ari..........FREAKED OUT ....... Bryna of course being tough as she is went in the normal gondola and DIDN'T freak out. Next we wanted some fun, so while Bryna , Mum , and Ari went on the Merry-Go-Round, which Bryna throughly enjoyed, The BIG boys and girl, went on the ................ rollers coaster, CALIFORNIA SCREAMIN'. That was soooooooooooo cool ot had a loop dips hills and all at 90 kmh. (Mara said she had been on better).
That concludes our first visit to Disneyland.

Monday, 14 January 2008

Happy 60th Margaret

Unfortunately, Gaynor was unable to make the big shindig of her mother's 60th birthday. In lieu of her personal appearance we made a video to be shown at the party. Since it features us prominently, I thought it might be nice to make it available to all. So congratulations again Margaret and all our love.

At YouTube

Monday, 7 January 2008

Persistent Goods Track Down Owners

After failing to take the previous hint, our household goods have finally tracked us down all the way from Germany. In our initial plans they were to have joined us only a few weeks after we ourselves had arrived. However, famed German customer service, a missed boat and US Customs and importing procedures conspired to delay our reuniting. In total, 5 months and 11 days, beating their previous record by over a month.

It's good to have many more familiar items around us -- it's really been a second Christmas full of box openings and forgotten surprises. Now we just have to find somewhere to put them all.