Monday, 4 August 2008

Baseball with the Angels

Recently a good friend invited Joshua, Elijah and I to join him at an Anaheim Angels baseball game. Now baseball isn't something I grew up playing with softball being the generally preferred option that is closest. In the past, I've tried to watch the US-based 'World' Series at least twice and found the games like watching paint dry. And considering I don't mind sitting down to watch cricket, saying baseball is boring appears to be an obvious contradiction.

However, I was prepared to give it another go and certainly in a live context. In general, I usually enjoy even mediocre live entertainment as much or more than very good or great 'canned' stuff. And baseball on television definitely comes across to me as canned. So we headed to Angel Stadium on a week night to take in the game against the Tampa Bay Rays. Both the boys prefer the Angels to the other team in LA, as evidenced by their ability to procure hats as needed. And so, true to my expectations, the game, atmosphere and traditions were a lot of fun and very enjoyable. We stumbled through the never-known words to "Take Me Out to the Ballgame" during an innings change-over and bantered with an ice-cream salesman who was plying his trade throughout the stands. I even predicted the home run by Vlad Guerrero in the fifth innings!

Fenton and the boys at a baseball game.
The boys and I at the game. Note the dopey looks on the faces of the confused Australians. What, no wickets??