Monday, 20 August 2007

Last Few Days In Germany

Well our time in Germany is quickly coming to a close. Here us a brief update on our recent activities and a couple of those coming up.

We finished up in our house, and I at work, at the end of July. The idea then was to go, as the Germans say, 'on tour' visiting friends, relatives and having a relaxing camping holiday until the time came to depart this country. That was the plan anyway and we managed it -- mostly. It was altered in large part due to an extremely unreasonable landlady and, in smaller part, the camping being less than relaxing for the whole family. I shan't go into details regarding the landlady but, concerning the camping, our imminent departure meant that we were reluctant to invest in much more reasonably essential camping equipment so soon before shifting continents. In the end we decided to cut the camping short and take up one of the many, very generous offers to stay at a friend's house. We have had a lovely time visiting with a number of the good friends we have made since we've been here and will miss them all terribly.

We had our interviews with the US Consulate in Frankfurt last week and they indicated all seemed OK and we should have the visas this week. :)

So this week we are staying at a friend's house while they are on their own holiday. We'll be doing a lot of organising for matters in the US and hopefully trying to get a bit of relaxation in (always hopeful!). We have plane tickets booked for a flight on the 27th of August and so having the visas arrive before then is a good thing. We have friends who'll help us to get to the airport and I'll also be trying to sell our car during the week. Couple of things left to do and then all we need to do is set up again in the US. :D

Monday, 6 August 2007

My Birthday (Ariana)

2nd of August: My Birthday I woke up about eight o'clock, changed he calenders in the kitchen.Then went and woke up everyone else (a bit anoying realy for them), it was time for presents yeah... but no Dad had to go to work and sort out some stuff (how unfair I don't work or I could spoil his birthday too). And it got worse we didn't just wait we had to tidy no x box, no gameboy or computor :(. After a promise of 1 hour dad came back after 2 hours. And finaly i could open my presents. (it was a bit hard to open them since as they were all in bags). I got: A didle pen ( didle is big in germany look on their web site if you want.),didle necklace, an "A" necklace, some chocolate (kinder), some pencils and a didle diary. We had a borthday dinner in Frankfurt with our great aunt Shirly at a italiano restaurent. But Dad did not want to buy desert (5 euro each). So we went across the raod and got some icecream at a ice café and all got a ice cream and mara did some fake candles for me (which i blew out in one:))
By Ariana with help from Elijah