Monday, 4 February 2013

2013 Ahead

Busy times in our family this coming year. Though we usually have a (more than a) few things going on, this year is shaping up to have quite the slew of notable events. So, from the top of the tree ...

Gaynor is now officially looking for part-time work. A bit more income has been on the agenda for a while and, after a brief fruitless search early last year, she focussed on writing her first cookbook and getting some more recent experience that she could use. Subsequently, she spent a few times a week throughout the year at Bryna's school helping a few students with remedial reading. With Micah starting pre-school (more on that below), Gaynor is in a better position to enter paid employment and she is hoping to pick up casual teacher-assistant work a few days a week. She has just accepted the position of teaching seminary (an early-morning scripture study class) with about a dozen students. Somewhat conveniently, it'll be held in our home, starting this Tuesday with class commencing at 6:40am.

Joshua has been accepted to university, studying for a Bachelor of Writing. He took some time last year to write for himself and evidently enjoyed it enough to want to continue with more formal studies. Work during December and January gave him some funds, from which he has purchased a laptop that he hopes will see him through the degree. Classes begin on Tuesday.

As avid readers would recall,Elijah graduated last year and picked up the same work as Joshua during December and January. He's had his contract extended and so is now in an excellent position to build up a good pile of money (which he'll be sleeping on in the shed if he doesn't keep his room tidier). Though he also received an offer of a university place, for the Bachelor of Design, he's declined in favour of working to save for the missionary work he is planning to undertake later this year. Currently, he expects to take up the design studies upon his return.

Per year of age, Mara might have the most going on in 2013. She'll be studying for her final year of college/high school, undertaking two ballet exams -- May and August -- and auditioning for dance programs she hopes to enter next year. Usually it is one exam per year but, since she is an academic year ahead of her age-peers, she needs to cover both. This is also her last year of early-morning seminary. Next year should be interesting for her as well and this might well be her last at home for a while.

Ariana is still enjoying her high school studies and is looking forward to continuing them this year. In addition to her saxophone playing in the school band, she'll be busy at church being president of her young women's group (12 - 13 year olds) and is keen to start seminary. Both Ari and Mara will only have to go as far as the lounge room for this class.

As for Bryna, well she'll be continuing with her ballet and schooling, both of which she thoroughly enjoys. She's at a lovely, uncomplicated age.

Micah put an apple in his new pre-school lunchbox just after Christmas and for the past week has been bouncing around the house reminding everyone that he'll be going. Two full days every week and three every other week is the schedule. He went up last Friday with Gaynor to meet the pre-school teacher and have a look around. He seemed very much at home and it only increased his desire to get there.

Happy to be Going

Finally, apart from my full-time job and church responsibilities, I'm finishing up the design and paperwork for the house extension, which we hope to complete in the next few months. Then it's just the regular things like fixing the cars and motorcycle, making sure I have a job next year, raising the children and keeping out of trouble. Barring the last, they've been working out pretty well so far.