Monday, 19 February 2007


Well strictly contacts. My most commonly worn pair of glasses recently defied any further attempts to keep them in one piece. Thus, requiring a new pair, I decided that instead I would see how I went with contact lenses. I have a trial period of a month with some soft, disposable lenses and I must say, after a short adjustment period, they are really quite comfortable. I'm also getting better at controlling my reaction to essentially sticking my finger in my eye when putting them in or taking them out.

The peripheral vision is excellent but it's still taking a bit of getting used to seeing myself clearly without glasses on. The feeling of walking around without glasses is not as vulnerable as doing it with blurred vision but it's still somewhat 'naked'.

Monday, 5 February 2007

movies and books I have seen/read

So, where to start? I'll start with books, the last book I read was a German book my class had to read, its called "Damals war es Friedrich" (pronounced Freedrish) by Hans Peter Richter (what a German name). It's about a German boy and his Jewish neighbor Friedrich who were born during WWII. Just before I read "Damals war es Friedrich" I read the "Lord of the Rings" trilogy
which took me about 4 months to finish but it was worth it. I did it mainly to watch the movies by Peter Jackson, it was worth it. I am also writing a book called the Lord of the Rubbers. (three guesses for what it is a parody of) I have also seed some great comic flicks lately: Spidermantm1 and 2, X-men 1,2,3 and Superman & Superman returns. The latest on my list of movies is another Peter Jackson film King Kong. On my list is still Fantastic 4, DareDevil and Indy Jones. Oh and i've also read Jurassic Park.
Thats all for now