Sunday, 15 September 2013

Heroes at Five

Micah recently celebrated his fifth birthday in fine five-year-old-boy fashion by organising a bunch of close friends to dress-up as their favourite superheroes and run around the park. A few regular heroes organised a bit of food, some semi-structured games and a good time was had by all.

Heroes in the Park
Super Micah and his friend Iron Man (a.k.a. Tom) roam the park looking for people to save or things to blow up (basically the same thing).

Even Heroes Eat
A break in festivities to refuel. Even Captain Suprised needs something.

Determined Fruit
With a bite like that, the fruit does its best to stay out of the way.

Later, at home with some fire to extinguish, Micah dressed as a pirate (as you do) and did the honours. So glad to have this happy boy in our lives.

Captain Hornblower?
Micah showing great form on the inhale ...

Captian Hornblower?
... and blows as hard as a scrunched up nose will allow. (The nose-blowing method suggested by a sibling who really shouldn't be offering that kind of advice.)