Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Namadgi Hike

As the children get older finding time to do this together as a family does seem to become more difficult -- independence is overrated right? But we still reserve most public holidays as family time and the recent Canberra Day holiday was no exception. Traditionally we've done many picnics -- and with Gaynor organising the food this is hardly a poor option -- but I wanted something a little more active so we decided on an adventure instead. Of course, with a three year old amongst the mix one's adventures are a little more subdued than the word might suggest. Nevertheless, since Canberra is situated among such natural beauty, it seemed a shame not to get more up close and personal. The only down note was that Joshua was unable to join us, being laid up with a head cold.
Responding to the call of the path undiscovered …

Never ones to shy from a cautionary sign (or tale).

At this age, Micah often likes to go it alone.

But sometimes he still needs a bit of motherly help.

Lookout! And so we did.

The rewarding view from our destination.

I suppose we could be grateful he wasn't trying it head first.

On our way back down.
I also tried out a new GPS app on the iPhone which spits out a map and trail -- and a KML file if you want to put it all into context on Google Earth.