Wednesday, 13 July 2005

Holiday Plans: Summer 05

Just quickly, we are planning a trip for the summer down to Italia via München. The itinerary at this stage is:
Here is a map of the trip to Roma (we'll come home with a slightly more direct route via Switzerland) and some vital statistics on the trip, courtesy of some nice route planners (, and

Jülich-Roma (via München, Manerba del Garda and Florence)

  • Distance: 1623km

  • On motorway: 1502km

  • Tolls: 63,80€

  • Fuel cost: 122€ @ 1,00€/l and 7.5l/100km

Roma-Jülich (via Switzerland)

  • Distance: 1437km

  • On motorway: 1416km

  • Tolls: 59,80€

  • Fuel cost: 108€ @ 1,00€/l and 7.5l/100km

And to make it more of an adventure, we are planning on camping! Hopefully, we'll have a digital camera before we leave and can share some photos soon after our return.