Monday, 26 January 2009

Facebook following

Those who have been a part of the social networking website phenomena would be aware that it can be a simple and effective way to stay relatively involved in the lives of good friends and loved ones. Indeed, half of our family now have profiles on one of the largest -- Facebook -- including myself, Gaynor, Joshua and Elijah.

While I've tried many times to get other members of the family to post to this blog, most have resisted the lure (with the occasional rare exception). Keeping their profiles, status[1] and other information up to date seems to be easier for them on Facebook. So, to keep a closer eye on some of us, we invite you to add those you wish as friends or, if you are not yet on Facebook, feel free to join and search us out. Please contact us directly if your search for our names brings up a confusing array of our alter egos (Heaven forbid there be many with our names!)

I still plan to continue this blog[2] in the same fashion as it's been going for the past few years -- I prefer its overall layout and functionality -- but I expect I'll really be the single contributor now as I've made the decision[3] to stop harassing the others. They now have something else they prefer to say their peace with.

[1] Here, in the plural, I've taken the British form -- rather than the American or even Australian ones.

[2] Don't forget it's easy to keep up with the blog by subscribing to the feed (see also "Subscribe to ... Posts" on the left-hand side of this page) using something like Google Reader online.

[3] I prefer this terminology to "given up". It helps me feel like I have some control over it. :)

Saturday, 3 January 2009

No longer a toothless wonder

To ring in the new year, Micah produced his first tooth -- his lower front left -- on the first day of the year and its companion showed up today. Those months of dribble are starting to pay off. He's only been bested in the Fastest to Teeth Stakes by Joshua who clocked in at 3.5 months (same as his father, according to those in the know). So happy new year and many new teeth to all!